“Operation Ajay: India’s Commitment to Citizen Safety During Israel-Hamas Conflict”

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  1. 212 Indians reached India by Air India from Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport.

  2. About 18,000 Indian citizens live in Israel.

India has reiterated its unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of its citizens in Israel amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. The humanitarian dedication of the Government of India, Operation Ajay, is a testament to the nation’s steadfastness in crisis.

212 Indians reached India in Air India flight( photo X Dr S. Jaishankar)

Opretion Ajay -:About 19 thousand Indian citizens live in Israel.India’s Foreign Minister Jaishankar Prasad said that we are starting Operation Ajay to evacuate Indian citizens stranded in Israel through special flights. The airline Air India reached Delhi with the citizens.

Numerous Indians had more stranded in Israel as due as the Middle East chaos, in uneasy conditions amid the increasing conflict between Israel and Hamas. The Indian government swiftly launched Operation Ajay in the aim of evacuate its citizens and bring them safely home after recognizing the the earth of the situation.

Air India flight carrying Indian citizens from Israel reaches India( photo fliker) 

To ensure an easy evacuation process, Indian authorities labored with diplomatic channels, airlines, and local authorities in this operation. To go back Indians to were stuck in conflicts, special flights were arranged and adhering to all safety protocols. The evacuation efforts prioritized everyone’s safety and security the start, reflecting India’s commitment to its citizens even in the face of international crises.

Operation Ajay represents India’s humanitarian approach to responding to incidents in the form of its efficient crisis management. This shows how important India values ​​the well-being of its citizens despite the challenges posed by geopolitical conflicts. This is an act of hope for Indian people stranded in Israel, providing reassurance and demonstrating the government’s proactive planning for the safety of its citizens.

Operation Ajay also strengthens Indian ties with restraint with the conflict nations. It demonstrates India’s ability to respond swiftly in seasons in crisis, fostering cooperation and trust with international partners. India set a fine example for the global community by promoting the safe return of its nationals, embodied its values of compassion, responsibility, and solidarity.

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