India-Pakistan World Cup live-: India defeated Pakistan in the biggest match of the World Cup

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Indian team won the ICC Men’s World Cup by defeating Pakistan by 7 wickets. Babar Azam’s team could not stand before the storm of Rohit Sharma. Indian Home Minister Amit Shah was also present at the Narendra Modi Stadium to watch the India-Pakistan match. India won this match in 30.3 by losing just 3 wickets.

Pakistan captain Babar Azam (image Origin with Getty)

Babar’s team surrendered before the Indian team.

In the World Cup match, Pakistan lost the toss and decided to bat first. Pakistan team could score only 191 runs in just 42.3 overs. Babar’s team started well and scored 150 runs in 29 overs. It seemed that the score would be 300+ but it could not happen.While Mohammad Rizwan took a good lead and made a partnership of 82 runs, Mohammad Rizwan scored 49 runs, while Babar also scored 50 runs.

The same winning factor: Indian team’s bowling was excellent.

Mohammed Siraj, Hardik Pandya, Bumrah and Kuldeep Yadav all took 2-2 wickets.
Rohit Sharma was out after scoring 86 (63) with his eighth century in ODI. Shubman Gill could score only 16 runs. Playing a brilliant inning, srash Iyer scored unbeaten 53. KL Rahul also scored 19 runs but Virat Kohli’s bat did not work, scoring only 16 runs.

India needed only 192 runs to win

India beat Pakistan in a historic World Cup match in a hectic cricket game that captured the hearts of millions. The game was more than just a game; it was a match of skills, skill, and immense national pride. Fans from both nations witnessed a thrilling contest that may go etched in the annals of cricketing history as the Indian squad show exceptional ability and determination.

An atmosphere of expectation was created from the very first ball. India’s batting showed surprising resilience against Pakistan’s impressive bowling attack. Soon runs started flowing from Rohit’s bat and Shreyas’s bat too.Also joining in the partnership, the stadium echoed with the roar of the crowd. The way every run was celebrated added to the intensity of the match.

With technique and cleverness, India’s bowlers achieved important successes and achieved Pakistan’s target. The fielders played better and took advantage of every opportunity they got, playing first. As Pakistan’s wickets kept falling, the excitement of the historic win grew and the excitement intensified.

Pakistan -:191/10
India-: 192/3

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