Flood destroyed everything in Libya, 11000 people missing, 6500 dead

The Red Cross has said that about 30,000 people have been displaced from their homes.
A quarter of Darna city was destroyed.
Destructive floods in Libya kill more than 6000 people.

The Unexpected Flood

Because of its arid environment, Libya rarely experiences significant rains. Unprecedented rainfall was experienced in some sections of the nation, nevertheless, in an odd turn of events. The areas close to Al-Bayda, Al-Marj, Tobruk, Takenis, Al-Bayada, and Battah, as well as the eastern coast all the way to Benghazi. ] were particularly heavily hit because of torrential rains that filled rivers, flooding homes and which causes flood disaster in people’s lives.

Emergence of disaster crisis

Flood in Libya has created a serious humanitarian emergency. Many people were forced to leave their homes and thousands have been affected. Roads and bridges, two parts of critical infrastructure, have been affected, making it impossible to reach affected communities. Also, due to contaminated water sources, chances of getting infection from water are high.

Libiya Disaster expert Hachem Chikiot told us

I have returned after visiting the devastating flood in Derna. Dead bodies were scattered all around. Hospitals were running out of space to keep the injured. The number of deaths and the number of people missing in the flood is much higher.

Floods in Libya: A Natural Disaster in a Tension-Filled Area

Libya recently experienced devastating flood, an unexpected natural disaster in a country already plagued by political unrest and conflict. Because of a rare and heavy rainfall, Libya, a country known for its lack of rain environment, suffered considerable disaster and faced new difficulties. In this essay, we examine whether the floods in Libya have affected the region and the issues that they have brought.Relief and Response Efforts.

A man sat bent his knees and put his hands on his head, on the base of the tree and surrounded by water.

The Libyan government has started relief efforts in response to the flood situation, with support from international organizations and aid organizations. Families who have been displaced are being housed in emergency shelters, and efforts are being made to offer clean water and medical care. However, because of the dangerous security situation in the nation, struggles with logistics continue.

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